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How do you pronounce pericardium?



How to pronounce pericardium?

The word pericardium sounds like per-i-car-di-um

What is the definition of pericardium?

nouna serous membrane with two layers that surrounds the heart

What does the word pericardium mean?

  • The pericardium is a double-layered sac-like structure that surrounds and protects the heart.

What is the function of the pericardium?

  • The pericardium acts as a protective membrane for the heart, preventing it from overexpanding, and providing a lubricated surface for the heart to move against other structures.

What are the layers of the pericardium?

  • The pericardium consists of two layers: the outer fibrous pericardium and the inner serous pericardium.

What is the outer fibrous pericardium made of?

  • The outer fibrous pericardium is made of tough connective tissue and provides structural support for the heart.

What are the two layers of the inner serous pericardium?

  • The inner serous pericardium consists of two layers: the parietal layer, which lines the fibrous pericardium, and the visceral layer, which covers the surface of the heart.

What is the pericardial cavity?

  • The pericardial cavity is the space between the parietal and visceral layers of the serous pericardium. It contains a small amount of fluid that lubricates the movement of the heart.

What are the functions of the pericardial fluid?

  • The pericardial fluid acts as a lubricant, allowing the heart to move smoothly within the pericardial cavity and reducing friction.

What are the diseases and conditions associated with the pericardium?

  • Pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium), pericardial effusion (accumulation of fluid in the pericardial cavity), and constrictive pericarditis (thickening and scarring of the pericardium) are some of the conditions associated with the pericardium.

What is pericarditis?

  • Pericarditis is the inflammation of the pericardium, which can cause chest pain, fever, and other symptoms.

How is pericarditis treated?

  • The treatment for pericarditis depends on the underlying cause but may include medications to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms, rest, and in some cases, drainage of excess fluid from the pericardial cavity.