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What is the pronunciation of the word "tangy"?



How to pronounce tangy?

The word tangy sounds like tang-y

What is the definition of tangy?

adjectivetasting sour like a lemon

What is the definition of tangy?

  • Tangy is an adjective that describes a taste sensation that is sour, acidic, or sharp.

What are some synonyms of tangy?

  • Some synonyms of tangy are tart, sharp, sour, acidic, pungent.

What are some examples of tangy foods?

  • Examples of tangy foods include lemons, limes, vinegar, pickles, yogurt, and sour candy.

What is the opposite of tangy?

  • The opposite of tangy would be bland or tasteless.

What is the origin of the word tangy?

  • The word tangy comes from the Middle English word 'tang', meaning sharp taste.

How can tangy be used in a sentence?

  • 1. The tangy flavor of the lemon adds freshness to the dish.
  • 2. The pickles have a tangy taste that complements the burger.
  • 3. The yogurt has a tangy aftertaste.

Is tangy a positive or negative word?

  • Whether tangy is positive or negative depends on personal preference. Some people enjoy tangy flavors, while others do not.

What are some other related words to tangy?

  • Some related words to tangy are zesty, lively, sharp, tart, piquant.

Can tangy be used to describe non-food items?

  • Yes, tangy can be used to describe non-food items. For example, a tangy scent or a tangy sensation on the skin.

Are tangy flavors the same as spicy flavors?

  • No, tangy flavors and spicy flavors are not the same. Tangy flavors are sour, acidic, or sharp, while spicy flavors are hot and pungent.