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How to pronounce oogamous?


What is the definition of oogamous?

  • Oogamous is an adjective that describes a type of sexual reproduction in which one gamete, called the egg, is larger and non-motile, whereas the other gamete, called the sperm, is smaller and motile.

What is the opposite of oogamous?

  • The opposite of oogamous is isogamous, where the gametes are morphologically similar or identical in size and shape.

What are examples of organisms that exhibit oogamous reproduction?

  • Many plants, including flowering plants (angiosperms) and some algae, exhibit oogamous reproduction.

What is the purpose of oogamous reproduction?

  • The purpose of oogamous reproduction is the fusion of the male and female gametes to produce offspring with genetic variation.

How does oogamous reproduction differ from isogamous reproduction?

  • Oogamous reproduction involves the production of two distinct gametes, one large and non-motile (egg), and one small and motile (sperm), while isogamous reproduction involves the production of morphologically similar or identical gametes.

What is the role of the egg in oogamous reproduction?

  • In oogamous reproduction, the egg is the larger and non-motile gamete that carries the female genetic material. It provides nutrients and genetic material to support the development of the embryo.

What is the role of sperm in oogamous reproduction?

  • In oogamous reproduction, sperm is the smaller and motile gamete that carries the male genetic material. It is capable of autonomous movement to reach and fertilize the egg.

Can oogamous reproduction occur in both plants and animals?

  • Yes, oogamous reproduction can occur in both plants and animals. It is more commonly observed in plants, but some animals, such as certain species of algae and fungi, also exhibit oogamous reproduction.

Does oogamous reproduction require external fertilization?

  • No, oogamous reproduction does not necessarily require external fertilization. In some organisms, fertilization can occur internally, such as in the reproductive organs of flowers in plants.

Is oogamous reproduction the only form of sexual reproduction?

  • No, oogamous reproduction is not the only form of sexual reproduction. There are other types of sexual reproduction, such as isogamous reproduction, anisogamous reproduction, and hermaphroditic reproduction, which involve different types of gametes and mating strategies.