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How to pronounce the word 'di'?


What does the word 'di' mean?

  • 'di' is a prefix that means two, double, twice, or excessive.

What part of speech is 'di'?

  • 'di' is a prefix.

Can you provide an example sentence using 'di'?

  • The word 'dimorphism' means the occurrence of two distinct forms.

Is 'di' used in scientific terms?

  • Yes, 'di' is commonly used in scientific terms.

What are some common words that start with 'di'?

  • Some common words that start with 'di' are dish, different, direct, divide, dispute, and diverse.

Can 'di' be used to indicate repetition?

  • Yes, 'di' can indicate repetition or doubling of a concept or action.

Is 'di' a stand-alone word?

  • No, 'di' is not a stand-alone word. It is a prefix that is attached to other words.

Can 'di' be used as a suffix?

  • No, 'di' is not used as a suffix.

What is the origin of the word 'di'?

  • The prefix 'di' has Latin and Greek origins.

Are there any alternative meanings for 'di'?

  • No, 'di' generally has the same meaning of two, double, twice, or excessive in different contexts.