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How to pronounce 'parapet'?



How to pronounce parapet?

The word parapet sounds like par-a-pet

What is the definition of parapet?

nounfortification consisting of a low wall
nouna low wall along the edge of a roof or balcony

What is the definition of parapet?

  • A parapet is a low protective wall along the edge of a roof, balcony, bridge, or other structure.

What is the origin of the word parapet?

  • The word parapet comes from the Italian word "parapetto", which means "breastwork".

What are some synonyms of parapet?

  • Some synonyms of parapet include barrier, balustrade, railing, wall, and barricade.

What are some examples of parapets?

  • Some examples of parapets can be found on the rooftops of buildings, along the sides of bridges, and on the balconies of houses or apartments.

What is the purpose of a parapet?

  • The purpose of a parapet is to provide protection, prevent falls, and act as a barrier or boundary.

What materials are parapets typically made of?

  • Parapets can be made of various materials including stone, brick, concrete, metal, or wood.

Are parapets only found in architecture?

  • No, parapets can also be found in military fortifications and other structures.

What is the difference between a parapet and a balcony?

  • A parapet is a protective wall while a balcony is a platform that extends from a building.

Can a parapet serve decorative purposes?

  • Yes, parapets can be designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a structure.

Are parapets required by building codes?

  • Building codes may require parapets in certain situations, such as for safety reasons or to meet specific architectural standards.