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How to pronounce 'accidie' and what is the meaning of 'accidie'?


How to pronounce accidie?

The word accidie sounds like ac-ci-die

What is the definition of accidie?

  • Accidie is a state of listlessness, lethargy, or indifference, especially as a result of a lack of interest or motivation.

What is the origin of the word accidie?

  • The word accidie originated from the Latin word 'accidia', which means 'apathy' or 'lack of care'. It was later adopted into Old English as 'acedia', and eventually turned into 'accidie' in Middle English.

What are some synonyms of accidie?

  • Some synonyms of accidie include lethargy, apathy, sloth, indifference, listlessness, laziness, and ennui.

What are some antonyms of accidie?

  • Some antonyms of accidie include enthusiasm, vigor, energy, motivation, excitement, ambition, and industriousness.

How is accidie pronounced?

  • Accidie is pronounced as AK-si-dee.

Can accidie be used in a sentence?

  • Yes, accidie can be used in a sentence. For example, 'She felt overwhelmed by a sense of accidie and couldn't find the motivation to complete her tasks.'

What are the related words to accidie?

  • Some related words to accidie include torpor, languor, inactivity, despondency, depression, and indifference.

Is accidie a common word?

  • Accidie is not a very common word and is often considered archaic or outdated. It is more commonly found in literature or academic texts.

Can accidie be used to describe a person's state of mind?

  • Yes, accidie can be used to describe a person's state of mind when they are experiencing listlessness, lethargy, or indifference due to a lack of interest or motivation.

Are there any cultural or historical references to accidie?

  • In medieval Christian theology, accidie was considered one of the seven deadly sins. It was seen as a spiritual apathy or lack of care towards one's duties and divine matters.