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How to pronounce mignonne


What is the definition of the word 'mignonne'?

  • The word 'mignonne' is a feminine adjective in French that means 'cute' or 'lovely'. It is used to describe something or someone with a charming or attractive appearance.

How do you pronounce the word 'mignonne'?

  • The pronunciation of 'mignonne' in French is [meen-yon].

What is the origin of the word 'mignonne'?

  • The word 'mignonne' is derived from the Old French term 'mignon', which means 'darling' or 'cute'.

Is 'mignonne' a masculine or feminine word?

  • 'Mignonne' is a feminine word in French, used to describe feminine nouns.

Can 'mignonne' be used to describe a person?

  • Yes, 'mignonne' can be used to describe a person, typically a woman or a girl, to refer to their cute or lovely appearance.

Can 'mignonne' be used to describe an object?

  • Yes, 'mignonne' can be used to describe an object, such as a cute toy or a lovely piece of artwork.

What are some synonyms of 'mignonne'?

  • Some synonyms of 'mignonne' include 'charmant' (charming), 'adorable' (adorable), 'mignon' (cute), and 'gentil' (nice).

What are some antonyms of 'mignonne'?

  • Some antonyms of 'mignonne' include 'moche' (ugly), 'laid' (unattractive), 'repoussant' (repulsive), and 'désagréable' (unpleasant).

How is the word 'mignonne' used in a sentence?

  • Example sentence 1: Elle porte une robe mignonne. (She is wearing a cute dress.)
  • Example sentence 2: Le chaton est vraiment mignon. (The kitten is really adorable.)

Is there any related slang or colloquial usage of the word 'mignonne'?

  • No, 'mignonne' is not commonly used in slang or colloquial expressions.