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How to pronounce coppelia?


What is the origin of the word 'coppelia'?

  • The word 'coppelia' originated from French.

What is the meaning of 'coppelia'?

  • Coppelia is the name of a ballet and also a female given name meaning 'like a little nymph'.

Who composed the ballet 'Coppelia'?

  • The ballet 'Coppelia' was composed by Léo Delibes.

When was the ballet 'Coppelia' first performed?

  • The ballet 'Coppelia' was first performed on May 25, 1870.

What is the story of the ballet 'Coppelia'?

  • The ballet tells the story of a toymaker named Dr. Coppélius who creates a life-sized dancing doll named Coppélia. The protagonist, Franz, falls in love with Coppélia and ignores his real girlfriend, Swanhilda. Swanhilda eventually disguises herself as the doll and exposes Dr. Coppélius' true intentions.

What is the character of Coppelia known for?

  • Coppelia is known for her lifelike appearance and her ability to mimic human movements.

Is 'Coppelia' a popular ballet?

  • Yes, 'Coppelia' is considered one of the most popular and enduring ballets of the 19th century.

What is the pronunciation of 'Coppelia'?

  • The pronunciation of 'Coppelia' is kawp-PEL-yah.

Is 'Coppelia' a common given name?

  • While 'Coppelia' is not a very common given name, it can be found in some cultures.

Has 'Coppelia' inspired any other works of art?

  • Yes, 'Coppelia' has inspired various adaptations in ballet, opera, and other art forms over the years.