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How to pronounce phellem?



How to pronounce phellem?

The word phellem sounds like phel-lem

What is the definition of phellem?

noun(botany) outer tissue of bark; a protective layer of dead cells

What is the definition of phellem?

  • Phellem is the outer protective tissue or bark of a woody stem or root, also known as cork.

What is another name for phellem?

  • Another name for phellem is cork.

What is the function of phellem?

  • The function of phellem is to protect the underlying tissues from mechanical damage, pathogens, and extreme temperatures.

Where is phellem located?

  • Phellem is located in the outermost layer of the bark of a woody stem or root.

What is the composition of phellem?

  • Phellem is composed of dead cells that are thick-walled and impregnated with suberin, a waxy substance.

Is phellem permeable to water and gases?

  • No, phellem is impermeable to water and gases due to the presence of suberin in its cell walls.

What are the advantages of having phellem?

  • Phellem provides protection to the underlying tissues, prevents water loss, and acts as an insulator against extreme temperatures.

What are some examples of plants with phellem?

  • Examples of plants with phellem include cork oak, cacti, and eucalyptus.

What is the process of phellem formation called?

  • The process of phellem formation is called cork cambium activity.

Can phellem be regenerated?

  • Yes, phellem can be regenerated as the cork cambium continues to produce new phellem cells.