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How do you pronounce ogham?


What is the definition of ogham?

  • Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet that was used from the 4th to the 7th century AD.

Where does the word ogham come from?

  • The word ogham comes from the Irish word 'ogam', which is derived from the Old Irish ogma.

How is ogham written?

  • Ogham is written with a series of horizontal or vertical lines known as strokes or notches, which are drawn on or beside a vertical line called a stemline.

What materials were used to write ogham?

  • Ogham was commonly written on stone monuments, primarily on the edges or corners, using a sharp instrument like a chisel or knife.

Who used the ogham alphabet?

  • The ogham alphabet was primarily used by the ancient Irish and Pictish people for inscribing names, genealogies, and other markings on stone.

How many characters are in the ogham alphabet?

  • There are 25 characters in the ogham alphabet, known as 'fid', which represent different sounds in the Irish language.

Is the ogham alphabet still in use today?

  • The ogham alphabet is no longer in use as a writing system, but it is still of great historical and cultural significance.

Are there any surviving texts written in ogham?

  • Yes, there are surviving inscriptions and texts written in ogham, such as the Ogham Stones, which provide valuable linguistic and historical information.

Who deciphered the ogham script?

  • The ogham script was deciphered by scholars and linguists in the 19th and 20th centuries, notably by scholars like Eugene O'Curry and R.A.S. Macalister.

What is the significance of ogham in Celtic culture?

  • Ogham is considered a significant part of Celtic culture and heritage, representing a connection to ancient traditions, language, and spirituality.