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How to pronounce vignette and what does vignette mean?



How to pronounce vignette?

The word vignette sounds like vi-gnette

What is the definition of vignette?

nouna brief literary description
nouna photograph whose edges shade off gradually
nouna small illustrative sketch (as sometimes placed at the beginning of chapters in books)

What is the meaning of the word vignette?

  • A vignette is a brief, evocative description, account, or episode.

Is vignette a noun or a verb?

  • Vignette is primarily used as a noun.

What are some synonyms of vignette?

  • Sketch
  • Scene
  • Fragment
  • Snapshot

What is the origin of the word vignette?

  • The word vignette originated from the French word 'vigne', which means 'vine'. It originally referred to an engraved design or decorative border in a book.

Can vignette be used as a verb?

  • While vignette is primarily used as a noun, it can sometimes be used as a verb to describe the act of creating or featuring a vignette.

In what contexts is the word vignette commonly used?

  • Vignette is commonly used in literature, photography, and design contexts. It can refer to a short, descriptive piece of writing, a brief scene or episode in a story, or a small, evocative photograph.

What is a photographic vignette?

  • A photographic vignette refers to a technique where the edges of a photograph are intentionally darkened or faded, creating a softer and more focused center.

How is the word vignette pronounced?

  • The word vignette is pronounced vin-YET.

What is the plural form of vignette?

  • The plural form of vignette is vignettes.

Can vignette also refer to a short musical composition?

  • Yes, vignette can also refer to a short, self-contained musical composition that is characterized by brevity and usually only features a small number of instruments.