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How to pronounce llangollen


How to pronounce llangollen?

The word llangollen sounds like llan-go-llen

What is the meaning of 'llangollen'?

  • Llangollen is a town in Denbighshire, Wales.

What language does 'llangollen' belong to?

  • Llangollen is a Welsh word.

What is the pronunciation of 'llangollen'?

  • The pronunciation of 'llangollen' is [ɬaŋˈɡɔɬɛn].

What is the origin of the word 'llangollen'?

  • 'Llangollen' is derived from the Welsh words 'llan' meaning 'church' and 'gollen' meaning 'holy' or 'sacred'.

What is the population of Llangollen?

  • As of 2011, the population of Llangollen was approximately 3,412.

What are some popular attractions in Llangollen?

  • Some popular attractions in Llangollen include the Llangollen Canal, Plas Newydd, Valle Crucis Abbey, and the Llangollen Railway.

Is Llangollen known for any festivals?

  • Yes, Llangollen is known for the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, which is an annual music festival held in July.

What is the landscape like in Llangollen?

  • Llangollen is known for its picturesque location in the Dee Valley, surrounded by hills and mountains.

What activities can be done in Llangollen?

  • Some activities that can be done in Llangollen include hiking, boating on the Llangollen Canal, visiting historical sites, and exploring the town's shops and restaurants.

Is Llangollen a popular tourist destination?

  • Yes, Llangollen is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural events.