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How do you pronounce "segue"?


noun, verb

How to pronounce segue?

The word segue sounds like se-gue

What is the definition of segue?

verbproceed without interruption; in music or talk
  • He segued into another discourse
nounthe act of changing smoothly from one state or situation to another

What is the definition of segue?

  • Segue is a verb that means to make a smooth transition from one topic, scene, or section to another.

Can segue be used as a noun?

  • No, segue is primarily used as a verb.

What is the origin of the word segue?

  • The word segue comes from the Italian word 'seguire' meaning 'to follow'.

Is segue a commonly used word?

  • Yes, segue is a commonly used word, especially in the context of music, performances, and presentations.

How is segue pronounced?

  • Segue is pronounced as 'seg-way'.

Can segue be used in formal writing?

  • Yes, segue can be used in formal writing to indicate a smooth transition between ideas or topics.

What are some synonyms for segue?

  • Some synonyms for segue include transition, shift, change, switch, and move.

Can segue be used in a sentence?

  • Yes, here is an example sentence using segue: 'He seamlessly segued from discussing politics to talking about art.'

Is segue a technical term in any field?

  • Yes, segue is commonly used as a technical term in the fields of music and broadcasting.

Can you provide an example of a musical segue?

  • Yes, in a musical context, a segue can refer to a smooth transition between two songs without pausing or stopping in between, for example, a DJ blending two tracks together on a mixtape.