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How to pronounce malleolus?


What is the definition of malleolus?

  • The malleolus refers to the bony prominences on either side of the ankle joint.

What are the different types of malleoli?

  • There are two types of malleoli: the medial malleolus on the inside of the ankle and the lateral malleolus on the outside of the ankle.

What is the function of the malleoli?

  • The malleoli provide stability and support to the ankle joint, preventing it from rolling too far inward or outward.

What bones make up the medial malleolus?

  • The medial malleolus is formed by the lower end of the tibia, one of the two bones in the lower leg.

What bones make up the lateral malleolus?

  • The lateral malleolus is formed by the lower end of the fibula, the other bone in the lower leg.

What ligaments attach to the malleoli?

  • The malleoli provide attachment sites for several ligaments, including the deltoid ligament on the medial side and the anterior talofibular ligament and posterior talofibular ligament on the lateral side.

What are common injuries associated with the malleoli?

  • Common injuries associated with the malleoli include ankle sprains, fractures, and dislocations.

How are malleolar fractures treated?

  • Malleolar fractures are typically treated with immobilization using a cast or brace, and in some cases, surgery may be required to realign the bones.

What is a malleolar screw?

  • A malleolar screw is a type of screw used in orthopedic surgery to fixate and stabilize fractures of the malleoli.

Can malleolar fractures lead to long-term complications?

  • Yes, if not properly treated, malleolar fractures can lead to long-term complications such as chronic pain, instability, and arthritis in the ankle joint.