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How to pronounce cocotte?



How to pronounce cocotte?

The word cocotte sounds like co-cotte

What is the definition of cocotte?

nouna woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
nouna small casserole in which individual portions can be cooked and served

What is the meaning of cocotte?

  • A cocotte is a small casserole dish or a woman of questionable character.

What is the origin of the word cocotte?

  • The word cocotte comes from French, where it originally referred to a small casserole dish.

How is cocotte pronounced?

  • Cocotte is pronounced koh-kot.

What is a synonyms for cocotte?

  • Some synonyms for cocotte are prostitute, harlot, courtesan, and sex worker.

Is cocotte a derogatory term?

  • The term cocotte can be condescending or insulting when used to refer to a person.

Can cocotte also refer to a cooking technique?

  • Yes, cocotte can also refer to a cooking technique where food is cooked slowly in a covered dish.

Is cocotte commonly used in English?

  • Cocotte is not commonly used in English, and its usage is usually limited to specific contexts.

Can cocotte be used to describe a man?

  • While cocotte is generally associated with women, it can technically be used to describe a man of questionable character as well.

Are there any related terms to cocotte?

  • Some related terms to cocotte include tart, call girl, and streetwalker.

Is cocotte a formal or informal word?

  • Cocotte is considered an informal word.