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How to pronounce the word 'longevous' and what is its meaning?


What is the definition of longevous?

  • Longevous is an adjective that describes someone or something that has a long lifespan or that can live for a long time.

What is the origin of the word longevous?

  • The word longevous comes from the Latin word 'longaevus', which means 'long-lived'.

How do you pronounce longevous?

  • The pronunciation of longevous is lɒnˈdʒiːvəs.

What are synonyms for longevous?

  • Synonyms for longevous include long-lived, durable, ageless, enduring, and immortal.

What are antonyms for longevous?

  • Antonyms for longevous include short-lived, ephemeral, fleeting, and transient.

How is longevous used in a sentence?

  • Example sentence 1: The giant tortoise is known for being longevous, with some individuals reaching over 100 years of age.
  • Example sentence 2: The ancient redwood trees are incredibly longevous, with some specimens estimated to be thousands of years old.

What is the noun form of longevous?

  • The noun form of longevous is 'longevity'.

Is longevous a common word?

  • No, longevous is not a very common word and is more often used in technical or specialized contexts.

Can longevous be used to describe objects or only living beings?

  • Longevous can be used to describe both living beings and objects that have a long lifespan or can endure for a long time.

Is longevous a positive or negative term?

  • Longevous is generally considered a positive term, as it implies longevity, durability, and endurance.