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How to pronounce 'metchnikoff'?



How to pronounce metchnikoff?

The word metchnikoff sounds like metch-ni-koff

What is the definition of metchnikoff?

nounRussian bacteriologist in France who formulated the theory of phagocytosis (1845-1916)

What is the meaning of metchnikoff?

  • Metchnikoff is a surname of Russian origin.

Who is Metchnikoff?

  • Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov was a Russian biologist and Nobel Laureate.

What did Metchnikoff discover?

  • Metchnikoff is known for his discoveries in the field of immunology, particularly his work on phagocytes and innate immunity.

What is the contribution of Metchnikoff to science?

  • Metchnikoff made significant contributions to the understanding of how the immune system functions and the role of phagocytes in fighting infections.

When did Metchnikoff live?

  • Metchnikoff lived from May 15, 1845, to July 15, 1916.

Where was Metchnikoff born?

  • Metchnikoff was born in the town of Ivanovka, near Kharkiv, in present-day Ukraine.

What is Metchnikoff's most famous book?

  • Metchnikoff's most famous book is 'The Prolongation of Life: Optimistic Studies' in which he discusses the potential benefits of a lactic acid bacteria-rich diet.

Was Metchnikoff awarded the Nobel Prize?

  • Yes, Metchnikoff was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908, along with Paul Ehrlich, for their work on immunity.

What is a metchnikoff reaction?

  • The Metchnikoff Reaction refers to the migration of inflammatory cells to the site of infection or injury, as observed by Metchnikoff during his experiments.

What is the Metchnikoff theory?

  • The Metchnikoff Theory, also known as the cellular theory of immunity, proposed that phagocytes play a crucial role in the defense against disease-causing microorganisms.