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How is the word 'referral' pronounced and what does it mean?



How to pronounce referral?

The word referral sounds like re-fer-ral

What is the definition of referral?

nouna person whose case has been referred to a specialist or professional group
  • the patient is a referral from Dr. Bones
nouna recommendation to consult the (professional) person or group to whom one has been referred
  • the insurance company says that you need a written referral from your physician before seeing a specialist
nounthe act of referring (as forwarding an applicant for employment or referring a matter to an appropriate agency)

What is the meaning of the word "referral"?

  • Referral refers to the act of directing or recommending someone or something to someone else for further consideration or action.

Is "referral" a noun or a verb?

  • "Referral" can be both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it refers to the act of referring someone or something to another person. As a verb, it means to direct or recommend someone or something to another person.

What are synonyms for the word "referral"?

  • Some synonyms for "referral" include recommendation, suggestion, endorsement, mention, introduction, and reference.

What is the opposite of "referral"?

  • There is no direct opposite of "referral", but antonyms may include rejection, exclusion, ignoring, or nonreferral.

How is the word "referral" pronounced?

  • The word "referral" is pronounced as ri-fer-uhl.

What is an example sentence using the word "referral"?

  • He received a referral from his doctor to see a specialist.
  • I got a referral from my colleague for a job opportunity.

What is the origin of the word "referral"?

  • The word "referral" originated from the Latin word "referrere", which means 'to carry back' or 'to bring back'. It entered the English language in the early 19th century.

Can "referral" be used in a medical context?

  • Yes, "referral" is commonly used in a medical context. It refers to the process of a healthcare professional directing a patient to another specialist or healthcare provider for further evaluation or treatment.

Can a business benefit from referrals?

  • Yes, businesses can benefit greatly from referrals. When satisfied customers refer others to a business, it can lead to increased customer base, improved reputation, and potential new opportunities.

Are there any legal implications associated with referrals?

  • In certain industries and situations, there may be legal implications associated with referrals. For example, in healthcare, there are regulations regarding patient referrals to ensure proper care and compliance with laws.