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How to pronounce 'nescient' and what is the meaning of 'nescient'?



How to pronounce nescient?

The word nescient sounds like nes-cient

What is the definition of nescient?

adjectiveuneducated in general; lacking knowledge or sophistication
  • nescient of contemporary literature
adjectiveholding that only material phenomena can be known and knowledge of spiritual matters or ultimate causes is impossible

What is the definition of nescient?

  • nescient is an adjective that means lacking knowledge or awareness

What is the origin of the word nescient?

  • The word nescient originated from the Latin word 'nescius', which means 'ignorant'

How do you pronounce nescient?

  • nescient is pronounced as 'NEH-shee-uhnt'

What is the antonym of nescient?

  • The antonym of nescient is knowledgeable or informed

Can nescient be used as a noun?

  • No, nescient is only used as an adjective

What are some synonyms of nescient?

  • Some synonyms of nescient are ignorant, unaware, uninformed, and naive

Is nescient a common word?

  • No, nescient is not a commonly used word. It is relatively rare

Can nescient be used to describe a person?

  • Yes, nescient can be used to describe a person who lacks knowledge or awareness

Is nescient a formal word?

  • Yes, nescient is considered a formal word and is commonly used in academic or literary contexts

Can nescient be used in a positive context?

  • No, nescient is typically used in a negative context to describe a lack of knowledge or awareness