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How do you pronounce 'moniz'?


What is the meaning of moniz?

  • Moniz is a Portuguese surname of toponymic origin, derived from the place name Moniz, meaning "small mountain" or "hill" in Portuguese.

Is moniz a common surname?

  • Moniz is a relatively common surname in Portugal.

What is the origin of the surname moniz?

  • The surname Moniz has its origin in the region of Portugal.

Are there any famous people with the surname moniz?

  • Yes, there are several notable people with the surname Moniz, including Sergio Moniz, a Portuguese footballer, and Sergio Moniz, a Brazilian entrepreneur.

What are some variants or similar surnames to moniz?

  • Some variants or similar surnames to Moniz include Monis, Monize, Monazzo, and Monico.

Is moniz a male or female given name?

  • Moniz is more commonly used as a surname and is not commonly used as a given name.

Does moniz have any specific cultural or religious associations?

  • The surname Moniz does not have any specific cultural or religious associations.

What is the frequency of the surname moniz?

  • The frequency of the surname Moniz is higher in Portugal.

What are some similar words to moniz?

  • There are no similar words to Moniz as it is a surname.

Can moniz be used as a first name?

  • While Moniz is primarily used as a surname, there are no strict rules against using it as a first name, although it is uncommon.