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How to pronounce oracy


What is the definition of oracy?

  • Oracy is the ability to express oneself fluently and coherently in speech, to understand spoken language, and to use language to learn and communicate in a variety of social and academic contexts.

Where does the term oracy come from?

  • The term oracy was coined by Andrew Wilkinson in 1968, combining the words 'oral' and 'literacy' to emphasize the importance of oral communication skills.

Why is oracy important?

  • Oracy is important because it is a fundamental aspect of communication, allowing individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings effectively. It helps in developing social connections, building relationships, and succeeding academically and professionally.

What are some examples of oracy skills?

  • Some examples of oracy skills include listening actively, speaking fluently and coherently, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar, asking questions, giving presentations, participating in discussions, and engaging in debates.

How can oracy be developed?

  • Oracy can be developed through various activities such as group discussions, role-playing, storytelling, debate clubs, public speaking, drama, and listening to and analyzing speeches or presentations. Practicing and receiving feedback are crucial in improving oracy skills.

Is oracy only important in academic settings?

  • No, oracy is important in all aspects of life, including personal, social, and professional settings. Effective communication skills are valuable in everyday interactions, job interviews, presentations, negotiations, and building relationships.

Can oracy be taught?

  • Yes, oracy can be taught and developed through specific instruction and practice. Schools and educational programs often include activities and strategies to foster oracy skills in students, but individuals can also improve their oracy skills through self-study and participation in language-focused activities.

What is the difference between oracy and literacy?

  • Oracy refers to the ability to communicate effectively through speech, while literacy refers to the ability to read and write. Both skills are essential for communication and learning, and they often complement each other.

Are oracy skills important for second language learners?

  • Yes, oracy skills are crucial for second language learners as they allow them to practice and improve their speaking and listening abilities in their target language. Developing oracy skills can enhance overall language proficiency and facilitate better communication.

Can oracy skills benefit children's overall development?

  • Yes, oracy skills play a significant role in children's overall development. They contribute to their cognitive, social, and emotional development by fostering language acquisition, critical thinking, problem-solving, self-confidence, empathy, and social interaction.