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How to pronounce the word 'ka' and what is its meaning?



How to pronounce ka?

The word ka sounds like k-a

What is the definition of ka?

noununknown god; an epithet of Prajapati and Brahma

What does the word 'ka' mean?

  • In Japanese, 'ka' is a question particle that is used at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

How is 'ka' pronounced?

  • 'Ka' is pronounced as /kɑ:/ in English.

Is 'ka' a word in any other language?

  • Yes, 'ka' also exists in the Finnish language where it means 'or'.
  • In ancient Egyptian, 'ka' referred to the vital essence or soul of a person.

Can 'ka' be used as a standalone word?

  • Yes, 'ka' can be used as a standalone word in Japanese to mean 'mosquito'.

Is 'ka' a common word?

  • 'Ka' is a commonly used word in Japanese as a question particle, but its usage as a standalone word meaning 'mosquito' is less common.

Are there any other meanings of 'ka'?

  • Yes, 'ka' is also a Maori word that means 'to eat'.

Can 'ka' be used in different grammatical forms?

  • In Japanese, 'ka' can be combined with various verb forms to form different grammatical constructions.

Is 'ka' a formal or informal word?

  • In Japanese, 'ka' is a neutral word that can be used in both formal and informal situations.

Can 'ka' be used in writing?

  • Yes, 'ka' can be used in writing, particularly as a question particle in Japanese sentences.

Are there any idiomatic expressions or phrases that include 'ka'?

  • Yes, there are several idiomatic expressions and phrases in Japanese that include the question particle 'ka'.