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How do you pronounce iquique?


What is the meaning of iquique?

  • Iquique is a city in northern Chile, known for its beautiful beaches and historic architecture.

Where is Iquique located?

  • Iquique is located in the Tarapacá Region of northern Chile, on the Pacific coast.

What is the population of Iquique?

  • According to the latest available data, the population of Iquique is approximately 223,463.

What is the climate like in Iquique?

  • Iquique has a desert climate, characterized by warm temperatures and low precipitation.

What are some popular attractions in Iquique?

  • Some popular attractions in Iquique include the historic district of Baquedano Street, Cavancha Beach, and the Zofri Free Zone.

Is Iquique a tourist destination?

  • Yes, Iquique is a popular tourist destination, especially for beach lovers and history enthusiasts.

What are the main industries in Iquique?

  • The main industries in Iquique include fishing, mining, tourism, and commerce.

What is the significance of Iquique's historic architecture?

  • Iquique's historic architecture reflects the city's past as an important port and mining center, with buildings that showcase diverse architectural styles.

What is the currency used in Iquique?

  • The currency used in Iquique, like the rest of Chile, is the Chilean peso.

What language is spoken in Iquique?

  • The official language spoken in Iquique and throughout Chile is Spanish.