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How to say the name 'mcguigan' correctly?


What is the meaning of McGuigan?

  • McGuigan is a surname of Irish origin.

Is McGuigan a common surname?

  • Yes, McGuigan is a fairly common surname in Ireland.

What is the origin of the surname McGuigan?

  • The surname McGuigan originated in Ireland. It is an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname Mac Uiginn, which means 'son of Uiginn'.

What are some variations of the surname McGuigan?

  • Variations of the surname McGuigan include Maguigan, McWiggin, and MacWigan.

Are there any famous people with the surname McGuigan?

  • Yes, there are several notable individuals with the surname McGuigan, including Barry McGuigan, a former professional boxer from Northern Ireland, and Brian McGuigan, a former Gaelic footballer from County Tyrone.

Is McGuigan a male or female name?

  • McGuigan is a surname and is not inherently associated with a specific gender.

What is the popularity of the surname McGuigan?

  • The popularity of the surname McGuigan can vary depending on the region. It is more commonly found in Ireland and among Irish diaspora communities.

Is McGuigan an Irish name?

  • Yes, McGuigan is an Irish surname.

What is the meaning of the Gaelic name Mac Uiginn?

  • The Gaelic name Mac Uiginn means 'son of Uiginn'. Uiginn is a personal name of uncertain origin and meaning.

What is the meaning of the surname McGuigan?

  • The meaning of the surname McGuigan is 'son of Uiginn', derived from the Gaelic name Mac Uiginn.